Program / Service Reviews

BreakPoint Solutions brings extensive personal leadership experience to the area of program and service reviews.  In addition to this lived experience, BreakPoint has extensive consultative experience in conducting program and/or service reviews in a number of sectors. 

Efforts of this nature often encompass:

  • Internal and external environmental assessment (e.g., SWOT analysis, literature review)
  • Engagement/communication with Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee or similar entity to ensure alignment and achievement of deliverables
  • Internal and External stakeholder engagement either individually, via focus groups or similar, and/or virtual means (e.g., surveys)
  • Thematic analysis of information gathered
  • Analysis of program/service performance through a multi-faceted lens
  • Options review, testing and refinement
  • Communications support
  • Post-engagement evaluation and implementation support as required

In all cases BreakPoint endeavors not just to develop a “plan” or come up with recommendations.  We work with our clients to establish the basis for, if not the details of, an action plan.  We work to equip our clients with the tools and capacity for moving forward.  In this way we mirror a coach approach to consultant that characterizes our work with individual leaders.