Helping Leaders and Organizations Discover, Realize and Unleash Their Potential


Above everything else we believe that our word must be our bond and that our actions must be consistent with our stated values.  Our perfect clients display this same sense of integrity, authenticity and transparency so that we develop a trust-based, action-oriented, and long-term working partnership.


Life Long Learning – hand-in-hand with a commitment to being courageous and humble, comes not just an obligation to ongoing learning but a passion for continuous learning.  Such learning comes from formal certifications and seminars, lived experience with our clients and shared experience among our partners.

Professional Commitment

Our founders and partners are or have been members of various professional associations.  But our commitment to our professions extends beyond merely the designations on our business cards.  We believe that being part of a profession means giving back and making better – through service on our professional boards, through mentoring of others, and otherwise advancing the quality and standing of our associations.



We believe that one of the key strengths of any individual, and particularly leader and executive coach, is that of being humble.  While our BreakPoint Solutions leaders bring broad and deep experiences and skills to our work and the work of our clients we are always in the process of learning with, from and for our clients.


We are committed to the experience our clients have with us.  We are committed to ensuring that their goals, objectives and results are met always and exceeded often.  BreakPoint Solutions can often be said to be as proud or even prouder at the achievements of our clients.  That commitment often extends beyond our formal engagements.




Understanding the need for change and understanding how to change are only part of the equation for effective leadership; above all else leaders must have the courage to change.  BreakPoint Solutions prides itself on being willing to have the courage to challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve what we might have once thought impossible.

Community Commitment

In similar fashion, and mirroring our belief that work and home must be in balance, our founders and partners are often found active in various local, provincial, national and international ventures – Telus World of Science Edmonton, Concordia University of Edmonton, Terwilliger Riverbend Soccer Association, Ironteam Cops for Cancer, Plan Canada, Rotary International.


Ultimately, we believe that the greatest growth and value coming from an approach and a working environment that is fun.  More often that not, we all spend many more waking hours in work – with our colleagues, partners and clients, than we do at home.  Our work should be fun and our time spent achieving enjoyable and rewarding.