Strategic Planning Unleashed

Every organization or business at one time or another engages in strategic planning. Sometimes, these efforts are large, complex, months in development, and engage hundreds, if not thousands, of staff. In other circumstances, the strategic plan may be carried around in the head of one founder or leader. Neither process is a guarantee of organizational success. This workshop will provide you with tools and processes on which you can build the potential for strategic success.

Effective Strategic Planning requires an appreciation for and integration of a few key stages in the planning process:

• Strategy research and incubation
• Strategy formulation
• Strategy execution
• Strategy evaluation and modification

Too often, organizations and leaders fail to integrate, or even pay sufficient attention to, each component of the planning process. A haphazard approach to strategic planning typically results in a strategy for which 1) the competitive environment has not been appropriately taken into account, 2) there is insufficient internal capacity on the part of the organization to execute, or 3) insufficient attention has been paid to operationalizing and managing its implementation.

Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

• Gain the means to objectively evaluate an organization’s business environment.
• Develop the courage and capacity to challenge the status quo and evaluate options for future business development.
• Explore scenarios and options as a means to and  to develop a strategic mindset that supports flexibility in the face of changing market scenarios while still sustaining progress towards your vision.
• Be able to prioritize strategies and distinguish long-term strategic initiatives from short-term plans and actions.
• Establish a structured approach to the execution and management of the strategic plan.
• Identify potential obstacles to strategic formulation, execution, and evaluation (including change resistance) and explore options to address them.

All workshops can be tailored to your distinct needs and context. Workshops can be offered in half-day to two-day sessions to suit your schedule and how thoroughly you wish to explore the topic. Need something more succinct, engaging, and inspiring? The importance of and the opportunities presented by these areas can be highlighted in a keynote address.