Coaching Unleashed

Coaching unleashed is a skills training program that takes place over three half-day sessions. The program applies Coaching Out of the Box® methodology to establish a solid foundation in coaching. Learners leave this program with effective coaching skills and powerful tools and practice enable them to approach any situation as an opportunity for coaching and performance improvement. 


With the opportunity to draw from a pool of coaches with a strong knowledge base in the professional coaching industry, this program introduces participants to a new, more productive way of communicating. 

Learners acquire tools that move them: 

  • from talking at others to new ways of listening and connecting; 

  • from building walls to building trust; 

  • from telling others what to do to asking powerful questions to engage them and achieve results; and

  • from problem solving for others to guiding others to become resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers.

Coaching Out of the Box® promises to: 

  • Keep the content simple yet transformative through interactive learning. 

  • Make the coaching concepts come alive through experiential learning. 

  • Make the experience easy and fun for busy people to learn and easily apply new skills. 

Coaching Out of the Box® involves 8-10 hours of instruction (in person or online) and two 45-minute group-coaching sessions. Delivery of the program can be tailored to meet your organization's specific scheduling needs.



BreakPoint Solution Partners are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) certified and licensed trainers of Coaching Out of the Box®. 

Contact us to learn how this program can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.