Breakpoint: “…an intentional stopping point or place to pause, an opportunity to derive new knowledge, establish commitment to a new direction in one’s career or life…allowing one to evaluate a current path, effort and results, inspect one’s environment, and reset for future success.”

BreakPoint Mission

To Unleash the potential in leaders, teams and organizations

We serve our mission by working with our clients to: 

discover and solidifying purpose

define vision 

design action

deliver through dedication

Breakpoint Values


We act with integrity in all that we do.  This implies a level of authenticity, transparency and honesty in the work the partners do with each other, with their clients and how we show up in our communities.

We hold ourselves accountable to our values, principles and commitments.

We are prepared to make hard choices – the right choices – in service of our values and long-term goals. 

Through the consistency of our behaviours and actions we develop a strong trust-based relationship with each other and with all we serve.


We are committed to each other, the quality of work that we deliver to our clients, the profession(s) we are part of, and the communities that we live in.

This means being diligent in all our efforts and constantly looking to bring value to others by the application of our skills, abilities and insights.

We believe that being part of our profession(s) means giving back and making better – through service on our professional boards, through mentorship of others, and otherwise advancing the profile and standing of our associations.

We believe in the value and necessity of giving back to our communities on a local, provincial, national and international level and our found to be actively involved or contributing to causes that enhance the health of our world.


We believe that learning – and ultimate success – comes through the courage to try, the courage to fail, and the courage to learn. We take that approach with ourselves and support our clients to find their courage to awaken to and achieve their potential.

We believe that courage and true learning comes from a place of humility, from recognizing that there is always more to be learned, and from leveraging the strength of our team and the diversity of our experiences. 

We remain constantly curious, accepting of our shortcomings, confident in our potential, and possessing a sense of grace as it relates to the work we are privileged to do and have yet to do.


We believe in a sense of personal and professional balance for ourselves and our clients. 

We approach ourselves, each other and our clients with a sense of compassion and empathy borne out of significant life experiences.

We take a holistic approach to our work, recognizing that for ourselves and our clients that personal and professional goals must be in balance to be truly effective and achievable. 

We bring a measured approach to all our engagements borne out of years of executive experience and coach-specific training.  There is not much we have not seen or experienced – good or bad. We believe in the capabilities and capacities of our clients and work to develop those skills in service towards clear goals.


We believe to be effective we must bring and allow a sense of fun to be part of who we are and how we work.

A spirit of fun plays out through humility, constant growth and striving, a desire to bring all our talents that is facilitated through an environment that supports creativity and flexibility. 

We believe in the value of “trying something different” which in turn requires courage, humility and a commitment to excellence. 

BreakPoint Solutions

An Edmonton based leadership development company. 

We are affiliated with a national network of coaching and consulting resources. We work with individuals, teams and organizations, in a wide variety of industry sectors, to:

evaluate performance;

develop breakthrough strategies; and

implement successful solutions that will enable you to meet and exceed your goals.

BreakPoint Solutions operates from the perspective that every circumstance is unique. There are no “canned” approaches to your success.  Together we develop YOUR plan, YOUR solution, and YOUR results.