Leadership Unleashed

The demands on the today’s leaders have never been greater or more varied. The starting point of effective leadership is developing an understanding of your own tendencies and of what you bring to your team and your organization. Failing to understand what is important to you as a leader or your leadership values, goals, and strengths will diminish your effectiveness as a leader.

Whether you are an aspiring leader, a newly minted leader or a veteran, this interactive workshop helps you identify key elements of your leadership style and gain better understanding of what your personality contributes to how you lead, what motivates you, and where your opportunities for growth lie. This exploration provides the foundation for building an action plan for your leadership development.

This workshop can also be supplemented by several different types of leadership and team assessments targeted to the needs of individual participants. 

Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

  • Appreciate the key elements of your personal leadership style.
  • Identify how leadership functions in your business environment and what core capabilities may need to be developed to meet future challenges.
  • Understand what your followers may need from you to succeed and what that means for your development.
  • Build a leadership development plan with milestones and measurable goals that is specific to your leadership journey.
  • Gain tools and techniques to keep yourself accountable to your development plan.

All workshops can be tailored to your distinct needs and context. Workshops can be offered in half-day to two-day sessions to suit your schedule and how thoroughly you wish to explore the topic. Need something more succinct, engaging, and inspiring? The importance of and the opportunities presented by these areas can be highlighted in a keynote address.