Is there an area that you or members of your organizations would benefit from more focused learning? We can help. All workshops can be tailored to your distinct needs and context. Workshops can be offered in half-day to two-day sessions to suit your schedule and how thoroughly you wish to explore the topic. Need something more succinct, engaging, and inspiring? The importance of and the opportunities presented by these areas can be highlighted in a keynote address.


Coaching Unleashed

Participants develop a solid foundation in coaching enabling them to address any situation through a coaching approach. Coaching skills and powerful tools and practices gained from this program can be easily transferred to any work context. BreakPoint’s Coaching Unleashed Workshops use Coaching Out of the Box® curriculum to offer you the coaching skills, processes, and principles that you need to be able to develop necessary skills in others.  

Leadership Unleashed

Participants identify the key elements of their own and their colleagues’ personal leadership styles. Recognition of these styles allows for an understanding of the core capabilities leaders have to offer and those that may need to be developed to meet future challenges. This knowledge better allows leaders to appreciate what their followers may need to succeed. This background informs the construction of a leadership development plan that is specific to each participant and includes concrete milestones to guide and measure leadership improvement! 

Organizational Culture Unleashed

Participants establish an understanding and appreciation for what organizational culture actually is and the elements that go into creating it. This understanding informs an exploration of how leaders at all levels are responsible for and able to sustain and/or change culture and why that ability can be so fundamental to an organization’s success.

Strategic Planning Unleashed

Every organization or business at one time or another engages in strategic planning. Sometimes these efforts are large, complex, months in development, and engage hundreds if not thousands of staff. In other circumstances, the strategic plan may be carried around in the head of one founder or leader. Neither process is a guarantee of organizational success; however, strategic planning done right and directed toward an appropriate vision is a tool for success. Participants in this workshop will learn the key building blocks for effective strategic planning. 

Teams Unleashed

This interactive, team-based workshop helps teams develop and articulate their shared vision and values, work through the challenges they face, and build an appreciation for the skills and strengths that each member of the team has to contribute. Participants can expect to take away individual and team-based action plans that ensure that the investment in a strong team continues after the workshop to where it matters most –the workplace.