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Coaching is a focused and intense commitment by a coach and one or more individuals that work together to discover, explore and fully realize a potential not previously dreamed of or imagined before. 


BreakPoint Solutions provides executives with a safe, confidential place to explore leadership challenges such as economic pressures, staffing issues, and how to best optimize organizational vision and growth. Our  coaches who are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) engage you  one on one at your convenience. Coaching typically involves two (2) sessions per month over a period of six (6) months.  Support between sessions is also made available in the form of “laser” coaching and resource distribution. 

With this more directive form of coaching, BreakPoint Solutions targets specific leadership competencies such as enhanced interpersonal behaviours, conflict management, and public speaking.

Work, and the success that arises from effective work, don’t happen in isolation. Success requires the collaborative efforts of a team of individuals who can work well together. Many teams struggle to develop synergies to truly excel and flounder for lack of simple structures, processes, and skills that can enhance their communication and coordination. BreakPoint Solutions works to improve your team’s effectiveness and interpersonal performance by:

  • Identifying and affirming team vision and values
  • Surfacing team norms and expectations
  • Establishing structures and processes to support strong team function
  • Identifying individual and team learning requirements
  • Establishing a team action plan

After a period of in-house observation, our Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) can provide constructive, supportive feedback and coaching on your organization’s day-to-day functioning. Shadow coaching can be targeted on areas such as meeting efficiency, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution.