Program & Service Reviews

BreakPoint Solutions brings extensive personal leadership experience to the review of programs and services. In addition to the leadership experience of our consultants, BreakPoint has extensive consultative experience in conducting program and/or service reviews in a number of different sectors.

Performance Reviews

BreakPoint Solutions helps clients with one of the most crucial tasks that any organization is responsible for: providing constructive, objective, and actionable feedback to its key leaders or leadership groups. BreakPoint is a resource for your governance reviews and evaluations of CEOs or any member of your leadership team, through to front-line managers.

Stakeholder Engagement

BreakPoint Solutions brings extensive personal leadership and consultative experience to the area of stakeholder engagement. Our consultants have been involved in successful engagement efforts, many of which have taken place in highly politicized or emotionally charged circumstances. Our consultants can help you manage all of these situations with professionalism and decorum.

Strategic Planning

BreakPoint Solutions helps clients to integrate the key components of planning and visioning work to provide a strong foundation for your organization’s future direction. This assistance enables you to develop and execute a strategic plan that provides the guidance and supports that your organization needs to move forward productively.

Team Development

Fully functional teams can produce better work than individuals; effective teams are able to achieve more than the sum of their parts. BreakPoint Solutions supports teams to communicate better, to work together more effectively, and to achieve synergies that enhance productivity.

Leadership Development

BreakPoint Solutions works with individual leaders to discover, define and refine their personal leadership style.  This involves a series of exercises that integrates leadership purpose, values and philosophy with day-to-day actions and behaviours.  Individual leaders are further tasked with establishing a personal leadership action plan that guides development of their leadership competencies and achievement of goals.