Prior to engaging with a Coach – or even as the process of coaching commences – individuals and organizations are often not clear on what they are contracting for.  If you’ve had no previous experience with a coach, then you will most likely wonder what a coaching process looks like, and what kind of results you should expect.



and foremost, coaching is delivered in a process of conversation.  The agenda is primarily set by the individual being coached.  If coaching is being supported by an organization there may be mutual goal setting between employer and individual leader, but ultimately the intent is to support achievement of individually established objectives.  Objectives may be long-term in nature (e.g., goals to be achieved over the course of a year) or may shift from session to session.


with an agenda driven by you the client, a coach is entirely committed and focused on helping define and establish stretch goals, support the work required by the client to attain those goals, and critically evaluate real and perceived barriers to success. 


success in the coaching engagement and in achieving desired goals is directly proportional to the commitment of the individual being coached.  The coaching relationship is a true partnership, but the coach acts only in service of the client and can only move at the pace of the client.


effective coaching cannot be delivered without establishing a trust-based relationship between coach and client.  Clients are assured of absolute confidentiality in their engagement.  Only in this way can the client feel completely at ease and confident in exploring all aspects of the issues, opportunities and challenges they would like to work on.  It is only in this way that the coach resource can be maximized. 




Coaching is a focused and intense commitment on the part of a coach in relationship with an equally committed and willing partner that work together to discover, explore, and fully realize a potential not previously dreamed of or imagined before.

Potential reasons that an organization or an individual might engage a coach:

  •  Taking your business or entrepreneurial venture to the next level;
  • Personal growth and development;
  • Expanding and developing leadership competencies;
  • Adjunct to training or professional development;
  • Meeting specific business or organizational objectives;
  • Transition to next level of leadership;
  • Support individual career planning; and
  • Striking a work/life balance that works for you.