Executive Coaching

BreakPoint Solutions provides executives with a safe, confidential place to explore leadership challenges such as economic pressures, staffing issues, and how to best optimize organizational vision and growth. Our  coaches who are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) engage you  one on one at your convenience. Coaching typically involves two (2) sessions per month over a period of six (6) months.  Support between sessions is also made available in the form of “laser” coaching and resource distribution. 

Executive coaching is an opportunity for you to address any aspects of your career, leadership or communication style, or work/life balance or to help yourself or your organization achieve goals that you set. You determine the focus and goals of the coaching experience and explore the means you have of achieving those goals. This exploration occurs through a continuing dialogue between you and your coach. The subject and aims of coaching are flexible and can change depending on your needs and your priorities.

The fit between you and your coach is key. Although all coaching experiences are confidential, we want to make sure you get the most out of the experience. To achieve the best outcomes, you need to feel comfortable sharing your experiences with your coach and building a trusting, supportive relationship. BreakPoint Solutions has a number of experienced coaches from whom to choose. We encourage you to explore your options and find the coach who will work best with you.