Teams Unleashed

By definition one is only a Leader if one has followers.  To accomplish anything of significance requires the efforts of a team of people – and a team is much more than a group of people working in the same location.  The best teams truly understand and commit to common goals, have a shared passion for their work and success, and appreciate and leverage the diversity of their strengths.

This interactive, team-based workshop helps teams develop and articulate their shared vision and values, work through the challenges facing they face, and builds an appreciation for each member’s individual values and strengths.  Individual and team-based action planning arises from every session and ensures that the investment in a strong team carries on after the session to where it matters most – back at the workplace. 

Our team will help your team by utilizing a variety of resources and instruments.  Most importantly our work will start with understanding your team and your environment as it currently exists and appreciating your aspirations.

This team development effort can be supported in a variety of formats from a half-day insight session through to a number of days, spread out over a period of time, supplemented by targeted effort at the workplace.  Several different types of team-based assessments can support this work in advance of and throughout the team development effort.

Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

  • Establish a common understanding and organization-specific definition of what constitutes a well-functioning team.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the strengths of individual team members and how to effectively manage and leverage team diversity.
  • Develop individual and team-based development plans specific to your diagnosis, results and aspirations as a team.
  • Tools and techniques to keep your team accountable to its goals