Understanding Emotional Intelligence

In today’s business environment success does not solely come about due to your intellectual capacity and skill.  As a leader, you work through and with others to achieve your business objectives.  Your ability to interact with a range of people starts with an understanding of yourself and your own emotional leadership capacity.  

In a series of tailored workshops and seminars, leaders and teams will develop an understanding of their own role in creating productive and engaging work environments.  You will leave with specific actions to further cement your emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives/Takeaways:
•    Understand the basis of and importance of emotional intelligence to your leadership success.
•    Through administration of an EQ-i 2.0 or EQ 360 assessment develop an appreciation of your own emotional intelligence, strengths and opportunities.
•    Understand the impact of emotional intelligence on the quality of your decision-making.
•    Understand the impact of your emotional intelligence on the quality of your team’s development and performance.
•    Develop a coach-approach to developing your team’s capacity to perform.