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Greg Hadubiak is a visionary leader who inspires greatness in others. His drive for continuous improvement is infectious. Greg’s charisma, transparency, and active listening skills build relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect. His strong leadership strengths are most evident during chaotic and uncertain times. Greg understands the power of “team”!
I had the honor of being a part of Greg’s management team during his service with Covenant Health. As one of his direct reports, I felt valued and respected. He was a good mentor and advocate. Greg appreciated my individual strengths and abilities and encouraged my development. He created opportunities and environments that nurtured healthy working relationships between disciplines and service lines. I would recommend Greg for any position that would benefit from his leadership strengths and extensive management experience.
— Linda Chow-Turner Senior Operating Officer, Seniors Care & Environmental Supports, Alberta, Covenant Health Canada
Greg is a strategic leader. He provided our organization with the vision and support to drive process improvement work throughout our acute care facilities. Greg is focused on execution. His involvement rapidly moved our projects forward and helped integrate Lean into the organization as a whole. His reliability and dedication made him a pleasure to work for.
— Jeannette Lawrence Lead, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Alberta at Alberta Health Services
Based on the more than 20 years I have known Greg in a variety of leadership roles, I am happy to recommend his considerable talent as a visionary, strategically focused change agent. I know Greg to be courageous, composed and highly principled in leading very complex, difficult organizational initiatives. I believe his character and experience make him an excellent consultant.
— Sandra Loy Personality Dimensions Level ll Trainer
Greg is an approachable, reliable, all -inclusive leader and team player relating extremely well to all levels within an organization. Greg has superb listening skills easily building strong and healthy working relationships. He consistently conducts himself with the highest degree of integrity and trustworthiness. I would recommend Greg for his refined leadership skills and ability to create and manage highly engaged teams.
— Yolanda Lackie Senior Director - Operations at Covenant Health Canada
Working with Greg I found him as a person with great education and deep experience of modern solutions. Greg was a precise and responsible Senior Vice President who could be trusted - an overall great colleague, with a fantastic sense of humor. His high background and intelligence and his straight-to-problems way of thinking makes Greg a really valuable asset to any team. He has an extensive wisdom, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated.
— Steve Kovacic Corporate Director, Covenant Health
I hold Greg in high regard as an executive, strategist, and mentor. Greg is a charismatic leader, who provides inspiration and guidance to individuals and organisations across the spectrum of healthcare institutions. He bonds with all levels of an organisation, inspiring results and loyalty. I recommend Greg for any opportunity that requires the highest ethical standards and expectation for performance.
— Mark Redmond Executive Director at iRSM: Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine
Greg is a very personable leader who looks to challenge those he leads in order for them to work to their best potential. He is able to relate to all levels of employees throughout the organization. His ability to synthesize information and present clearly to a group is one of his strong skills. He is a strong visionary and is able to make tough decisions for the right reasons. He is an excellent communicator who is able to work with a variety of stakeholders to reach a consensus on decisions.
— Wilma Cresswell Director Emergency Disaster Management Covenant Health Alberta
Greg is an individual of impeccable character. He is passionate about his work, highly professional, and demands excellence of himself and others. At the same time, he approachable, supportive, and compassionate with his peers as well those reporting to him.
— Rachel Foster MN CMC CEC Coach, Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Management Consultant
I have known Greg for 18 years as a manager, colleague, coach and mentor. It has been a privilege to avail myself, both formally and informally, of Greg’s thoughtful, generous approach to leadership. His approach is both ‘business like’ and personally supportive. His sense of humor and strong knowledge base facilitates learning in a very positive way. Greg’s experience as a senior healthcare executive combined with his demonstrated commitment to lifelong learning enables him to provide deeply informed executive coaching.
— Linda Cargill Project Manager - Casual position at Alberta Health Services
I met Greg in 2010, early in my healthcare career, through the Emerging Health Leaders mentorship program. Greg was an incredible coach and resource as I began to map the next steps in my professional development. His mentorship was invaluable in helping me choose between graduate programs, and later, understand the possibilities in my own career. He balances deep subject matter expertise with insightful leadership. I believe that Greg is an amazing resource for anyone - regardless of where they are at in their career - looking to expand their horizons and grow their leadership capacity.
— Katharine (Kate) Young Senior Consultant at KPMG
Greg is a strategic thinker. He is interested in causes and effects and interrelationships, at the micro, meso and macro level. In my experience, this interest has translated directly into practical abilities in the development of scenarios, tactics and strategies that are relevant and can be translated into action. This is important, because strategic planning is too often a broad exercise without any line of sight to actual operations. My experience of Greg’s work in strategic planning has also been one of engagement – he is particularly skilled at building consensus among stakeholders at all levels, while at the same time moving the agenda forward with a momentum.
— Jon Popowich Chief Quality and Privacy Officer at Covenant Health Canada