Lori Noyes


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Lori is an experienced healthcare leader with a proven track record in achieving results in acute care and community settings in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Lori is a value-based leader that strives to build long-lasting, high performing teams and organizations. She is a system-thinker with a passion for innovation; with an ability to translate strategy into action.

She has completed her MA, with a focus on leadership and change management. Her LEAN certification provides her the tools and methodology to be proficient in facilitating and leading process improvement events.

Her leadership skills and competencies include:

· Process Improvement
· Strategic Planning
· Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
· Change Management
· Leadership Facilitation

Her strong leadership and the ability for her to draw on these skills have allowed her to achieve outstanding results. She most recently developed and implemented the connected care model at the Lloydminster Hospital, a model that is team-based and places the patient in the center of their care.

Lori resides in Calgary, where she enjoys spending time laughing with family and friends around the dinner table. In her free time, she likes to cultivate balance by spending time outdoors. Hiking for Lori is more than an activity, it is a way to challenge her perspective and give her time for reflection and contemplation. She can often be found travelling the world seeking adventure and expanding her global perspective.