Lan Luong


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Lan lived in Saskatchewan for over a decade when she arrived to Canada before moving to British Columbia where she currently resides. Lan frequently visits family in Saskatchewan, loves to travel, enjoys nature, and is a foodie. Most importantly, Lan is passionate about creating and supporting structures and processes for the highest quality care for clients, families, and communities. Utilizing her highly developed adaptive leadership strategies and creative skills in research, visioning, planning, mentoring, and coaching individuals and teams to achieve possibilities and results. Lan is an educator, public health nurse and entrepreneur. She owns and operates a specialized care home for high risk youth for over 10 years, is experienced at writing business cases and proposals for funding. Lan has an advanced certified practice in community health nursing, STI/Contraceptive Management certified, and is a lactation consultant. Lan holds a Master’s degree in Leadership (Health Specialization) from Royal Roads University and Canadian Health Executive certification from the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Lan has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminology from Simon Fraser University as well as nursing from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Lan is a Daring Way™ Facilitator, leading workshops on vulnerability, shame resilience, empathy, courage, change, values, and innovation.

Lan has worked on many community projects such as redesigning youth clinics to improve services and access. Lan has a background in psychiatry, enjoys teaching and is a lifelong learner. Lan worked on a Pilot Project from 2009 to 2012, working closely with clients with severe addiction and mental illness, providing trauma informed care, motivational interviewing, and health care services. Lan contributed to the design and development of new pilot programs at pre-launch, launch and post-launch, developed policies and guidelines for nurses and mental health case managers, collaborated with different system partners: physicians, psychiatrists, nurses and frontline team members. Designing, implementing, and evaluating health initiatives to optimize best health outcomes is a driving force for Lan. She applies appreciative inquiry, highly developed executive and creative problem-solving skills, and proven management strategies to lead complex change by engaging all system partners and staff to achieve common desired results through values-based/servant leadership.