Testimonials about Greg Hadubiak

I greatly appreciate Greg’s insightful questions and ability to peel back layers of an issue to find solutions.
— Coaching Client
Greg has a special gift for coaching. He is passionate about helping others and has an outstanding ability to listen, be creative, and communicate. His ability to give candid advice and provide a solution-focused approach to problem solving is unique. I have been fortunate to work with many elite coaches and I found that Greg built an instant rapport that was unmatched. Greg’s ability to build trust provided the platform for a valuable experience to learn and develop. Greg has consistently provided treasured feedback to help me work through problems independently and efficiently. I would recommend Greg to anyone passionate about leadership development and achieving new goals.
— Ryan Stempfle VP Clinical Programs & Pharmacy Strategy
Greg Hadubiak is an extremely strong leader with the vision, character and empathy to lead an organization, especially one requiring change to meet the challenges of the future. As Senior Vice-President, I had the pleasure of working with Greg at Covenant Health in 2008-2010. A management consultant, my role supported, instructed and guided the initial Lean rapid improvement efforts at the Misericordia Hospital.

Consistently, Greg had the courage and vision to be out in front of the effort. At times, the organization was obviously resistant, creating difficulties with changes in day to day operations. But Greg was the constant voice who always made the right decision to proceed and he maintained course. He not only was committed to our initial efforts in the Emergency Departments, but he was actively engaged in the process. Greg took the time to attend “hands on” workshops to learn the fundamentals of the Lean Healthcare approach and participated in rapid improvement project reviews. Speaking at one of our Global Summits in 2011, Greg made an excellent presentation on the organization and personal challenges he experienced during the initial phases of the effort. He discussed how, at times, he even questioned the approach. But, he had the courage to let his staff and the initiative maintain course because it was the change required by the facility. His support for the initial “pioneers” at the Misericordia Community Hospital for the lean effort was unwavering throughout.

I have experienced a number of organization change initiatives and the challenges during my management consulting career. But in my experience, the collaboration with Greg was personally rewarding, enjoyable and successful. I would give Greg a “high recommendation” for leadership positions, especially those organizations requiring immediate culture change.
— Kevin Kelleher Principal, Consultant & Trainer, Lean Six Sigma, Healthcare, Innovation, BMGI
Greg has an effective and reasonable style as a leadership coach. He was quite helpful in allowing me to develop my leadership strengths. I think his practical style was especially useful in helping me discover new aspects of leadership I hadn’t previously considered pursuing.
— Shawn Fraser Associate Professor at Athabasca University
I found Greg a fantastic help in identifying my areas in particular need of improvement. He also helped my keeping my eyes on the target as I was going through the process. What most impressed me was his genuine interest in understanding you as a person. I would recommend Greg to anyone with a keen interest to bring your career to another level.
— Anders Persson Sr. VP & GM Aecon Buildings Western Inc.
Greg is one of the most inclusive, values-driven leaders I’ve had the opportunity to work with. His ability to stay focused, perform under pressure, manage large scale organization change, and build effective teams make him an exceptional leader in Health care. He balances the need to produce results, with the need to build the capacity and engagement of individuals well.

And as a fellow Ironman triathlete, I admire his commitment to pushing himself outside of his comfort zone, take on big challenges, and remain resilient. I especially appreciated Greg’s sense of humour and ability to stay grounded while navigating several organizational transitions.
— Russell Hunter National Director at Human Performance Institute Canada
I met Greg through the Emerging Health Leaders mentorship program. Greg was incredibly approachable and open to developing our mentor / mentee relationship as it suited me. I had reached a point in my career where I was ready to move on and he really helped me determine a position that suited me best, and supported me through the application / interview process.

Greg is a thoughtful leader, and took the time to understand which areas I needed support and more structured guidance in. The confidence that I have in myself as a new leader has grown a lot thanks to his coaching and mentorship. Choosing a new career stream or looking to move into a new role was intimidating to me, and at first I was looking for someone to just tell me what was in my best interest. Greg helped me to really look at where I wanted my career to go at this point, areas I was interested in, and how to make it happen. He helped me sort through and decide where I wanted to go.

Greg has a wonderful ability to connect and engage with all levels of staff, and his approach to coaching / mentorship really worked for me. I would strongly recommend Greg for any leadership / development / mentorship / coaching support.
— Nicole Whitaker Executive Associate
For the past year Greg has been working with me as a Professional Coach, and within my team assisting with facilitation and successional planning. Greg has been instrumental an aiding with issue identification, strategy development and execution. Greg’s professionalism, discretion, and wealth of experience have assisted in elevating my performance and that of the great team of professionals I work with. I highly recommend Greg as an Executive Coach, facilitator and strategist.
— Cal Dakin, Woodlands Manager at Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Greg was exceptional in offering two sessions to my team; one focused on leadership and the other on developing one’s personal action plan. My staff were energized by the passion and commitment he brought to the learning sessions and further, his expertise and application of knowledge to decision-making was insightful. I highly recommend Greg as an executive coach, a leadership speaker, and a thought partner in moving an organization forward. Thank-you Greg!
— Lara McClelland, Executive Director, Strategic Policy at Government of Alberta
Greg was my Executive Coach during my enrolment in the second cohort of Alberta Health Services Executive Education Program.

He has extensive experience in medical leadership in Alberta and has worked with and mentored many physician leaders at various stages in their leadership development. What I appreciated most was that he took the time to listen and contextualize; his coaching was bang-on for my level of experience in leadership. As a new physician leader I found his advice practical, non-patronizing and genuine.

I highly recommend Greg as a coach - helped me greatly.
— Keith Drader Interim Zone Clinical Department Head, Anesthesia, Deputy Facility Medical Director, RAH at Alberta Health Services
I contracted Greg to provide a start-up operations plan to consolidate and enhance our provincial rural physician locum programs. I was impressed with his highly focused approach. He asked the right questions, identified and consulted key stakeholders, and gathered and analyzed the available data quickly. His draft plans were well written and argued and delivered on time and on budget. He also help me to make presentations of these plans to our key stakeholders in government and the Doctors of BC. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Greg and will gladly do so again when the need arises.
— John Mabbot, Recruiting physicians and other healthcare professionals for British Columbia's public healthcare system
I had the privilege of working with Greg as my Executive Coach. Greg was an excellent sounding board and thinking partner. He provided me with a number of exercises and tools that were very helpful for me. Additionally Greg was instrumental in my understanding of the value of coaching and being coached.
— Dale Cooney, CEC BSP MBA
Working with Greg has been satisfying, enriching, and a lot of fun. Greg has a true talent to get to the heart of the matter, and has been a great recourse as I develop my consulting practice. Greg gets it. The fact that Greg has experienced the theory he teaches is a key strength that shines through in all the work we do together.
— Dave Sinclair, CExp, MBA