Testimonials about Glenys reeves

Glenys is an absolute professional with an ability to integrate theoretical and practical approaches into my coaching journey. Glenys’s dedication and commitment to coaching is only outweighed by her personal integrity and desire to see her clients succeed. Glenys is dynamic and is truly a wonderful coach- I have learned so much from her and our time together.
— Lisa Pyke, Manager Implemention for the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health
I approached Glenys because I wanted to change the culture in our organization to make it more dynamic; ultimately to boost confidence, trust and abilities throughout, starting with our key decision makers.

Through group sessions, individual and team coaching our organization she has created a cohesive team that is aware of our organizational culture and different conflict styles. Our management teams have all benefited from the tools, knowledge and insight that Glenys has been able to provide, preparing us for the challenges that may lay ahead.

Glenys is non-judgmental and through her inquisitive coaching style, has us all thinking through our own actions and asking the tough questions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Glenys to any organization looking to develop their leadership teams to equip them with great tools and help create a positive and progressive culture.
— Teressa Krueckl, Chief Executive Officer at Thorpe Recovery Centre