Evaluating, Optimizing and Supporting Team Function

Teams – effective teams – are the backbone of any organizational success. Whether you are working with an existing team, a team undergoing or preparing for change, or establishing or taking on a new team, a leader may find themselves of needing to diagnose team capabilities and function, solidify team expectations and requirements, and support team development and cohesion – all in service of bottom line results.

BreakPoint Solutions has a long track record of executive leadership and consulting efforts to its credit in this regard.  Our approach starts with a leadership discussion focused on understanding your unique organizational environment and requirements.  From this initial meeting we develop an approach that works within your cultural context and targets specific customized goals.  Elements of a potential approach can include:

  • Team function diagnosis and thematic analysis of information gathered;
  • Individual and group-based engagement interviews;
  • Individual and group-based team building exercises including development of team charters and business plans;
  • Targeted interventions focused on areas of greatest strength or potential for the team;
  • Individualized and/or team-based coaching support as required;
  • Engagement/communication with Executive Sponsor, Steering Committee or similar entity to ensure alignment and achievement of deliverables;
  • Communications support; and
  • Post-engagement evaluation and implementation support as required

BreakPoint Solutions endeavors to be a deliberate and even provocative partner in the development of a high-functioning team. We work from the premise that issues of trust-building and constructive conflict are necessary and crucial steps to ensuring accountability for results.