Compelling Communication: Creating Engagement, Understanding and Results  

To lead and manage effectively requires the ability to effectively communicate.  Vision without effective communication is at best wishful thinking.  At worst, the inability to communicate to key stakeholders, staff, and clients in a clear and effective manner can lead to missed opportunities, damage to reputation, and loss in credibility.  

While communication skills may seem to be just common sense too few leaders take the time to apply and hone those skills.  This workshop/seminar takes you through a structure approach to appreciating your own communication skills and how you can use those skills to advance your leadership and business objectives.

The workshop/seminar can be tailored in a number of different ways and formats from keynote address to 1 and 2-day interactive workshop. 

Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

•    Appreciate the need for clear communication goals and how those relate to your larger strategic and business goals.
•    Align your messages – connect the dots.
•    Establish an understanding of what your stakeholder groups need to hear from you – and clarify whether you can deliver on those expectations.
•    Understand the different roles others on your team can play in communicating your message.
•    Understand how to use clear and effective communication in reducing fear, conflict and misunderstandings that diminish performance.
•    Recognize – and own – your own communication challenges as a leader.