Leadership is all about getting results and in order to achieve results organizations must generate and sustain high performance from all of their employees.  The days of an iconic leader, all knowing, directing the actions of a team are well over. But what takes its place?  Many of us thrust into positions of leadership because of our technical skills find ourselves ill-equipped to truly lead a team.  We can no longer just rely on our own personal skills or expertise to succeed – we need to work through others and facilitate their success.

This is where a coaching mindset, focused on building capacity and engagement of staff, can be instrumental to your leadership success.

In this workshop we shall:

  • Articulate what a coach approach to leadership actually is, what it isn’t and when its most appropriate to use.
  • Identify and reinforce the rationale for adopting a coach approach to leadership – what it means to the success of your organization and to your personal leadership.
  • Establish and deepen understanding and comfort with utilizing a set of coaching skills in a leadership context.
  • Provide you with specific tools and practice with these tools helping you to establish confidence for use by in your workplace.
  • Provide you with an action plan to continue to develop your skills as a coach/manager.