Avril Coleman

MA (Community Psychology)


Avril is truly passionate when it comes to building inclusive and socially sustainable communities, whether in a neighborhood setting or in the workplace. She brings her background in Community Psychology to every engagement she undertakes and strives to ensure inclusivity and collaboration are at the core of all her work.

Avril has a strong research background and specializes in demographic research, survey development, data analysis and report writing. As part of the BreakPoint team Avril has used these skills to help carry out various needs assessments and strategic planning engagements. Through her studies and work experience Avril has also gained a strong skill set in developing policies and procedures. While working as an Internal Projects Coordinator at Safe Site Facilities Ltd. she aided the company in obtaining various accreditations, including ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001.

Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, Avril immigrated to England in 2012. Prior to this she spent time as a temporary migrant in both Barbados and Australia. Travelling and living around the world has helped Avril to develop her knowledge and add a different lens when it comes to her consulting engagements. Avril is also fluent in English and French and graduated with her BA in Psychology from the University of Alberta’s French campus, Campus St-Jean. After moving to England she went on to pursue her MA in Community Psychology through the University of Brighton.

In her free time Avril enjoys spending time with her husband and their two cats, participating in her local pub choir, and she has recently started learning to play the ukulele!